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Donderdag: 19-01-2017
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Thailand grand Pigeon Race

Loft and Weather Update
The flood situation in Thailand has worsened since our last report. More cities and all six industrial estates along both sides of the main Chao Phraya River are now under water necessitating evacuation of people and their belongings. Death ring has risen to 315 while some 500,000 workers in these areas are out of jobs. World supply chains of spare parts, electronic goods, hard disks, etc., will be affected because Thailand is a major producer of these products. GDP growth rate this year is expected to be cut by 1.7 or more while negative growth rate is foreseen for the last quarter. Although Bangkok, the capital and the last fortress, won the first bout fighting high tide from the sea during October 15-17, it has yet to fight the next period from 28-31 this month. This time, however, the city is already surrounded by water from the north which is being diverted side way, east and west, to the sea. The north and eastern parts of the city is already flooded to knee deep. Citizen of Bangkok are parking their cars on elevated high ways and stocking up food and supplies so much so that shelves in super stores are now empty. Good news is the low pressure ridge has moved southwards a little while cold spell from the northeast has arrived in northern and eastern Thailand. We could expect less rain and no more depression although it would take another 1.5-2 months to flush all water in some 250 million acres flooded areas out in to the sea.
Although all major high ways going north are still impassable, we have managed to train the pigeons for 15 times including the one today from 100 km, slightly northeast of the loft. Training from the NE is much easier because of less flood and flying with wind in the back. We had to take a roundabout route almost two times direct distance to reach the release point. The last two training tosses are now on-line since the birds are all released at the same time making it worthwhile to keep meaningful record of arrivals. Please note that the first few birds that arrived too fast were over-night birds from previous tosses.

Past trainings before that released the birds in small groups to minimize accident. We had a bad result on the 12th training toss on October 11 due to instant bad weather and rain after the first few batches were released. The rest were taken back to shorter distance but still could not avoid the damage. We could have been sitting pretty not training the birds until the weather clears up to keep the bird number in the loft high to the liking of the owners. Many one-loft-races have to do that especially the ones that collect the main entry fee after a number of tosses and/or their first money race is from short distance whiles ours is from 300 km. Besides, catching thousands of bird for basketing is pain in the neck and costly. We trained the birds 35 times last years. If circumstance permits, our first hot spot race will be basketed on November 8th and race day on the 9th. Basketing for the second and third hot spots will be on the 16th and 30th respectively followed each time by race day. The final race from 560 km is scheduled from December 14-17(14-basketing, 15 race day, 16 second race day, 17 farewell party).
Click below to see the flood situation:

Gepost#: 117 Datum : 2011/10/22 Door : Theo

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